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Australia's logistics technology and transport system closed in 2018.

The three-day CeMAT AUSTRALIA International Logistics Fair in Melbourne, Australia, concluded smoothly in 2018 (July 24-July 26). As a shelf manufacturer, we, Nanjing Baodelong, went abroad for the first time to attend this professional exhibition in the warehousing and logistics industry. It is also an important step for us to accelerate our impact on the international market through this exhibition. We conclude as follows:

  1. The whole process of the first foreign exhibition was fairly smooth. In the early stage, we did a lot of preparations for the exhibition, and put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources into it.

  2. After all, it is the first time to attend an international exhibition, lack of experience, there are many places not to consider, for Bao Delong follow-up international exhibition to provide valuable experience

  3. In this Australian exhibition, we mainly show: attic shelves + cantilever shelves, including heavy shelves and medium shelves (medium A / B shelves); the selection of shelves suitable for the target market demand is crucial to determine the success or failure of the exhibition

  4. Participation in international exhibitions is still very large investment, can not blindly pursue a single exhibition effect, this is going out strategy, this is a way of brand marketing

  5. The future needs to combine all aspects of their own, from online and offline and other links of all-round promotion, brand marketing has a long way to go

  6. Through this exhibition, we will be encouraged to strive to improve ourselves in all aspects and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company

  7. There are many different international exhibitions waiting for us in the future, and Botro-Racking continues to refuel!



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