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Reflections on Sino US trade war in 2018

With the signing of an executive order by U.S. President Trump on March 23, 2018, the U.S. Trade Representative officially announced a 10% - 25% tariff increase on about $60 billion of imports from China. The Sino-US trade war began in Laka. China was unwilling to show weakness and began to rebel. The trade war between China and the United States intensified. By August 2018, the Sino-US trade war had already begun. After varying degrees of damage to all trades and professions, let's analyze them in detail.

First, what are the effects of Sino US trade war?

1. The Sino-US trade war bears the brunt of the bilateral trade import and export. At present, the bilateral trade volume has been greatly reduced and has a greater impact on both sides.

2. As China is a big exporter to the United States, the proportion of exports in the United States market is the largest. The trade war has directly led to a significant reduction in China's foreign trade exports, thus affecting the GDP, accompanied by the impact on employment in various industries, affecting the growth of China's GDP, the real economic pressure doubled.

3, the Sino US trade war will also bring adverse effects to the financial markets of both sides, and even financial crisis.

4. The Sino-US trade war will also have an impact on both sides'perceptions. China will reassess the risks when making trade and investment in the US market, and vice versa.

5. The bilateral trade relations will inevitably affect the political relations and cultural exchanges between the two sides, which will be detrimental to world peace and long-term development.

Two, how to prevent and respond

1. First of all, China should seek active coordination and consultation among WTO and other international organizations to avoid the escalation and expansion of trade war. The future development trend of Global trade liberalization, trade fairness and trade multi-polarization is unalterable.

2, then China should take some counter measures to let the us understand that trade war is not good for both sides.

3. China itself should lay a solid foundation, promote a new round of reform and opening up, mobilize all positive factors, and reduce the adverse effects of the trade war.

4. Promote industrial upgrading, diversify export products, promote foreign trade with different countries, seek more growth points of foreign trade, especially in emerging markets, developing countries and Latin American markets, reduce dependence on the United States market;

Three, shelf manufacturing industry to deal with trade war measures

1. First of all, our shelf factories must make a plan, adjust the sales strategy in time, and sell our products to more countries. At present, our Nanjing Baodelong American market is affected, but the single American market does not have a great impact on our overall shelf exports.

2. Striking iron still needs self-hardening, all shelf manufacturers themselves must improve labor productivity, improve product quality, enhance their overall strength, and enhance their competitiveness in the international market;

3. In addition, expanding domestic trade, the domestic market can not be ignored, after all, China is the world's largest market in the shelf industry, under the impact of the Sino-US trade war, more domestic sales to meet domestic market demand;

4. All our shelf companies should insist on driving innovation, continuous transformation and upgrading, so as to diversify their products, become more competitive, and enhance their ability to resist risks.


This shows that Sino US long-term trade war is bound to lose both sides. It does not accord with the fundamental interests of the two peoples. Only when the two sides sit down to negotiate and reach agreement can they solve the problem. Trade protectionism is undesirable and trade globalization is the general trend.


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