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Shelf manufacturers ensure that orders are delivered on time.

As the storage shelf industry is a non-standard customization industry, each customer needs different specifications, quantity and use requirements, we need to customize it! Delay of delivery has become the norm when the peak season arrives in the industry. How to ensure timely delivery according to the contract has been plagued by every shelf manufacturer. In view of this problem, we Nanjing Bao Delong combined our own experience to share with you:

How to ensure timely delivery from the sales link

  1. First of all, the shelf salesman communicates the drawings with the customers, communicates the layout and design ideas of the shelves, and instills the design ideas into the users, so that they have a general understanding of the shelf layout.

  2. To further communicate with the technical department of the design drawings, we should not only ensure that the space of the warehouse is not wasted, but also ensure the rationality of the plan.

  3. After the technology department designs the plan, does the salesperson want to see if the drawings are reasonable? Are there any non-standard products? If there are non-standard products to communicate with the technology and users, first of all to see if the factory has any raw materials in stock? Communicate with users to make routine standard products to ensure production efficiency and promote delivery time.

How to ensure punctual delivery from technical links

  1. The shelf design technical department should know with the salesman what kind of shelves it is when it gets the salesman's construction drawings. The main types of warehouse shelves are: heavy shelves, light shelves, flat warehouses, attic shelves / attic shelves, steel platforms, cantilever shelves / cantilever shelves and so on.

  2. The design drawings should not only ensure the rational use of the warehouse area, but also do not waste, shelf design too many salesmen offer no advantages, shelves too few and will waste space, while shelf design reasonable delivery time has a great promotion, as far as possible to avoid the use of non-standard products, avoid the tedious production, improve production efficiency

  3. The technical decomposition order department should first know the raw material stock situation of the factory in time, especially the non-standard products existing in the factory, digest the stock, guarantee the delivery time of the order, and report the non-standard products which are not in the factory stock in time, notify the purchasing to speed up the delivery in time. Time.

How to guarantee delivery from procurement

  1. Keep abreast of recent orders, understand the delivery time of each order, rationally match the purchase of similar products, and timely purchase of raw materials on the basis of reducing transportation waste;

  2. Fully grasp the inventory situation of the factory, especially the non-standard products in stock, communicate well with the salesman and technical department, and digest the non-standard products in stock under the condition of reasonable plan.

How to control delivery time from production link

  1. First of all, we must ensure the full number of production technicians, do a good job of daily production training, ensure skilled production skills, cultivate safety awareness, improve production efficiency;

  2. Factory leaders timely grasp the delivery of sales orders, can be divided into priority, to avoid emergencies of urgent orders can not come out and orders can not be issued in a timely manner.

  3. Production leadership and sales department, technical department, purchasing department regular communication, the opponent's order materials accurately grasp, to avoid the occurrence of order students began production but found that the order raw materials are not enough, to do a good job in the order in hand comb, found no inventory in hand order to purchase the order in time to report.

How to guarantee the construction period from the after-sale installment link

  1. ensure the stability of the installation team, train professional and technical installation personnel, and keep up with the sense of service.

  2. Distribution of orders, reasonable arrangement of installation schedule, as far as possible to avoid too much time on the road, scheduling to improve efficiency, reasonable incentives and punishment measures, fast installation and customer satisfaction of the installation workers to give a certain incentive to improve the enthusiasm of shelf installation.


If each of these links can be controlled well, I believe that the time of delivery will not bother us any more. I believe every customer will be very satisfied.


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