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Loft-style shelves of production process of the structure of the advantage

Now a lot of customers purchasing shelves, will consider loft-style shelves this shelf structure has many advantages, let baode dragon shelves, loft-style shelves under the belt you know the production process:


Loft-style shelves production process

Loft-style shelves medium attic loft and heavy shelves. Medium-sized attic shelves, shelves structure using medium-sized shelves pillar. Shelves floor attic shelves use special floor, floor adopts interlocking structure. Set up support beams under the floor.

Medium-sized attic shelves column specifications are: 60 * 50 * 50 * 1.5 mm or 70 * 1.5 special shelves pillar profiles. Kaiping, automatic rolling mill is made of high quality steel strip after rolling, punch punch, according to the customer designated height cut off. Column bracket, connecting beam is made of high quality cold plate bending, punching.

Heavy attic shelf of the specifications of the stud is 90 * 70 * 2.0 mm is special heavy shelves pillar profiles. Beam with cold-rolled p-type held beam, specifications are: 50 x 30, 40, 80 x 64 x 50 three kinds of specifications. Is a kind of cold bending industry specifically for shelf production standard products. According to customer's size after buying material, welding shelves connection special column, grinding can be formed semi-finished products.

After all attic shelf parts production, should be the last line of shot blasting machine oil removal, rust removal, surface coating processing, can packaging after the completion of the shipment.

Loft-style shelves structure advantage

Loft-style shelves overall structure is assembled type, do not need to spot welding, the whole beautiful, generous. Compared with concrete or steel structure, due to the play ground floor shelf above the supporting role of floor, possesses the advantages of low cost, high space utilization.

Loft-style shelves panel has the variety such as plate, plate, perforated plate to fire prevention, ventilation, lighting, and so on different application requirements. Goods fluctuation floor can choose forklifts, hydraulic lifting platform, transfer and so on; The goods provided transportation is usually done using a small cart.

Loft-style shelves are usually carrying capacity in 300 kg to 1000 kg/square metre, column selection carrying capacity is strong, less amount of steel pipe; Primary and secondary beams can choose according to the requirements of the bearing is the most economic and reasonable in steel structure engineering of h-beam and Saxony company C type steel platform specially designed for cold bending forming beam.

Loft-style shelves floor panel to choose Saxony special type C cold bending forming plate or hollow board, USES the gusset plate type structure, and primary and secondary beam rigidity is fixed, the entire platform structural integrity is strong, can according to the actual need to choose a different floor panel in order to meet the fire or prevent dust, prevent small falling demand. Below the floor also can according to need to configure the lighting system.

Loft-style shelves are widely used in high warehouse, cargo small, artificial access, large storage capacity, can make full use of space, saving warehouse area. According to the actual site and specific requirements, can be designed into single layer or multi-layer attic, normally 2-3 layers. Especially suitable for the classification of the series products of auto parts, electronics, and other enterprises, carrying 500 kg/layer or less.


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