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The thickness of the material quality of indicates storage shelves

In the production and manufacture of shelves, many storage shelves manufacturers on the material and style are different, and there will be some deviation. And some of the thickness of the frame is also different, this also is made based on the carrying capacity of different products. In this case, the client will ask, thickness is different, so the quality be the same?

Warehouse shelves, they with Angle steel and channel steel welding. Pillar on the shelf in the development process, from the Angle of channel 5 7 ruffled hem column column developed 9 frilled edge. Pillars with stiffener. Here, we can find that, in the process of the development of storage shelves, mold technology unceasing improvement and the use of mold and technology gradually increase the number of the column flange and stiffening rib, so as to achieve the pillar of storage shelves. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the storage rack depends not only on the thickness of the material.

For customers in the recommendations and design storage shelves, they will learn more about the customer's goods, the detailed parameters of the pallet and warehouse, and then based on these data, what specifications loaded to recommend or design to meet customer requirements of the appropriate storage shelves. Every shelf in choosing appropriate materials, scientific computing size, material and force analysis, in order to ensure that they are able to meet the load demand of customers, and to avoid safety accident caused by material too little.

If the installation technology is not fully, the goods stored in beyond shelf estimates the risk of carrying capacity range. In view of this, it is easy to deformation shelf, shorten service life. In the case of heavy, shelf will collapse and cause casualties.

From the point of view of enterprise cost, the thicker the material, the higher purchasing cost. When buying storage shelves, should choose to meet the requirements of the loading of appropriate materials, and not as thick as possible.

Baode dragon below tell you storage shelves shelves how to avoid problems directly!

Add shelves damping device

In order to make the slide can go smoothly, if a long slope, in order to prevent the tray goods sliding side, and not due to excessive shock capsized, necessary in the lowest grade increase a buffer device.

Shelves don't too high

Whatever the type of shelves, reliability and maneuverability is very important. In general, the height of the heavy shelves general plan for the 6 meters, the weight of single piece goods generally within 1000 kg. If the height is too high, the individual registered luggage is too heavy, its reliability and maneuverability will be greatly reduced.

The above is to be followed in the plans for heavy shelves of criteria are briefly introduced. Heavy shelves is a kind of daily use. Due to its weight and impact resistance is strong, particularly suitable for processing large warehouse. The warehouse can be effectively used, got greatly improve its loading capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the standards when planning.

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