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Warehouse with cantilever shelves can be designed highest how many meters?

Basically large warehouse storage shelves are to be used should be customized, a lot of people ask all think shelf will have a spot, also do not know know how much, you need to load more high, how to make full use of warehouse space, when asked to cantilever shelf, will be asked, cantilever racking can do, today, baode dragon shelves just to tell you!

Cantilever racking is suitable for the existence of special storage plate, pipe length strip, long and irregular goods. Cantilever can be a single arm model and double, cantilevered shelves, attic goods stored in fixed on the pillar of the cantilever. Cantilever shelf can be artificial access goods, can also be forklift access. Artificial access goods generally are custom under 3 meters high, this is enough. Forklift access is generally designed under 6 meters high, because the goods is elongated, so unfavorable design is too high, so as not to affect the access available.

Cantilever racking faults space utilization is low, about 35% - 50%, also is only suitable for storing goods, such as long pipes, not holding such goods do not recommend purchasing。


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